Your glasses are broken, now what?

  • We like to tinker and will most likely be able to repair your misfortune. Possibly with original parts or a low cost substitution.
    • Screws or nose-pads needed? We have thousands, and usually at little or no cost.
    • Broke the hinge? Surprise! We can usually fix that too.


We offer in house soldering for most broken metal frames. Laser welding for titanium metals is done out of our office, so a few days may be needed to accomplish this type of repair.

Stop in

Bring in your tired, your poor, your broken glasses yearning to be fixed and allow us to assess their needs (we usually can't tell over the phone). We'll be happy to give you a repair quote and possibly fix the problem while you wait. Unfortunately, not all breaks are repairable, and we'll let you know when it's time to throw in the towel.