Our shop carries frames from internationally celebrated brands, including some of the most innovative labels in the industry and coveted luxury fashion houses. Whether you’re looking for a pair of chic and glamorous shades from Fendi or a unique and colorful frame from Pro Design or just love the classic style of Ray-Bans, Snyder Opticians has access to many collections of award-winning brands and the ability to equip just about any sunglass frame with the proper prescription lenses.


We offer a wide selection of polarized sunglasses. If you head to the beach, participate in outdoor sports, or even just take a long walk on a nice day, you want to protect your eyes from glare with superior lenses just as you would your skin with a good sunscreen with a high SPF.

Protective eyewear can also be sporty. The Wiley-X series of sunwear offers protection from the sun, the elements, and impact. Also a great wrap around sunglass for fishing. Rudy Project for biking, rowing or running. Sport oriented products for kids as well, protective and Rx-able.

Everyone can benefit from proper eye protection. With the use of polycarbonate or Trivex lens, both lightweight and protective materials, inherently protect from all UV. Safety eyewear is also available, ANSI certified and fashionable.


Snyder Opticians is proud of its top sunglasses brands that are world renowned for their excellence in creativity and design. No matter what style you are looking for, we have something perfect for you!